Jan 24, 2015

Liam's New Ride

This was Liam's Christmas gift from "Santa".  He was so excited when he woke up Christmas morning and saw it sitting in front of the tree.  What is funny is he asked who it belonged to.  When we told him that it was his, the squeals and jumping began.  Since it's been pretty cold here and the family has been fighting coughs and sniffles, we told him that we were going to have to wait until we can take it out.  Well, his time came.  Still cold outside, but I did tell him that if he was a good boy he could ride his new bike.  That worked like a charm.  The next day we bundled up like Eskimos and took the bike for a spin.  He was a little unsure at first, and I had to help him with a little push from time to time, but he had the best time being part of the "big kid" world.  All the kids in our neighborhood have bikes, so he felt left out and tried numerous times to ride theirs (some were too big for him).  It was sad to watch.  Now he has his very own and couldn't be happier about it.  He's still trying to find his groove, but he will be taking off very soon.  I love to see him happy!

When birds attack...lol.

Game Day

We finally got around to opening some of the games that the boys received for Christmas.  I knew it would be a good time to get them to settle down and play together.  They did a wonderful job.  I didn't have to step in to referee like I usually do.  It was a nice change of pace for everyone.  Playing games together teaches both boys how to play nicely, patience, how to take turns, strategy, problem solving skills, and how to be a good sport. Landon is beyond competitive, which is great, but then there are times when that can take a turn for the worse.  He wants to win at everything and every time.  He's a bit of a perfectionist, too.  Not a good combination to have.  That would drive me insane, so I can only imagine how he feels.  He's still a good kid, and I love how the kids worked as a team.  Landon was helping his little brother, explaining the concept of the game as well as giving him tips on how to succeed.  I was pleasantly shocked.  Liam was listening and paying attention and taking his brother's advice.  They were too cute.

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The intensity.

Jan 6, 2015

The Flying Helicopter

Liam was dying to get outside to play with his new toy he got for Christmas.  Aaron had to help at first, but Liam quickly managed to make the helicopter fly all by himself.  He chased the thing everywhere.  I was amazed how high the helicopter went up into the sky.  There were even times that it took a quick turn and almost buzzed my hair.  The boys giggled about that.  I guess that's one way to get a cheap haircut, huh?  We had so much fun.  Well, I think I had the most fun watching Aaron and Liam try to operate the silly thing, including the weird faces they made getting it to fly.  Definitely entertaining, for sure.

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This picture is an illusion.  Liam jumped next to the helicopter which looks like he's standing on it.  Funny.