Dec 10, 2014

The Polar Express

This awesome event goes on the latter part of each year.  Since Liam has had an obsession with trains as well as the movie "The Polar Express" for a long time now (which is what the event is based on), we thought we would go before he grows out of this stage.  We had fun!  There were activities for the kids and many picture opportunities.  Having a bunch of kids in their pjs walking around was pretty cute.  Even some of the parents dressed up in footed pjs and bathrobes.  We boarded the train and soon after that the party began.  The train started to move and then we had elves dancing and singing and even handing out cookies and hot chocolate, just like in the movie.  The conductor walked around with a storybook as the story played over the overhead speakers to keep us entertained until we arrived at the North Pole to pick up Santa.  It was a great experience for the kids.  The elves invited everyone to get up out of their seats to sing and dance.  The boys loved dancing with the elves.  With the train cars rocking, standing was quite a challenge, much less dancing (oh yes, and using the restroom).  I have a new respect for those girls prancing around keeping their balance the whole trip.  We had the best time.  I think Landon had a crush on one of the elves.  She was pretty cute, though.

When we booked our tickets almost a year ago, we weren't having issues with Liam like we are now.  We didn't have a diagnosis, he wasn't nearly as aggressive or wild, and he didn't show as much over-stimulation meltdowns.  This put some stress on us as our day got closer since we couldn't get a refund.  It's either you go or you lose your money.  Would he enjoy himself?  Would we have a good time?  Would it be too much for all of us to handle?  There were so many questions.  Well, as it turns out I gave him some ADHD medication the morning of, which seemed to calm him enough.  He did pretty well up until the end until it was overbearing.  We were thankful that he held off for as long as he did, but being unpredictable, it's hard to say how he will do in any situation.  Overall, we were proud of him.  Pictures with Santa on the train went better than expected, too!

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These indoor shots were quite a challenge, let me tell ya.

The boys with their bells.

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