Dec 10, 2014

Lighting The House Of Z

The day after Thanksgiving was a day for our outside decorations to go up.  The boys helped their dad to make sure he didn't fall off the ladder and helped him wrap lights around the trees in our yard.  This is Aaron's favorite thing to do for Christmas with the kids.  It was freezing outside.  We all had to take breaks to get warm.  I was so worried the kids were going to get sick, but somehow they managed to stay well.  After about two to three hours of hanging lights we were in business!  I love the look of our home lit up, but I absolutely despise the work that goes into it.  If it were up to me, and I knew they couldn't be seen, I would keep those suckers up all year 'round.  I'm sure everyone at some point has thought of doing it.  Liam couldn't wait to turn them on and gaze out the window at "his" pretty lights.  "My house is so beautiful", he said.  Notice that everything is Liam's - MY house, MY lights.  He's a sweetie, even if he is a bit possessive.  Ha!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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