Nov 12, 2014

All-In-One Sports

We finally had a day of warmth.  I think it was about 68 degrees.  That's a heatwave this time of the year and we loved it!  The kids were relieved to get out of the house for awhile when they figured out that they didn't have to wear their heavy coats.  I walked outside to keep an eye on them and noticed that Landon had found my old racquetball racket.  He was playing baseball, tennis, golf, and racquetball with an old tennis ball of ours.  What Landon didn't realize is that when you put all of your strength into hitting a tennis ball with a racket it was going to soar quite a distance.  He was shocked at how far the ball went.  He learned his lesson and hit a little easier going forward.  Liam enjoyed himself, too.  He even took over the racket and hit a few balls.  Fun day!

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