Sep 14, 2014

Burning Off Energy

After a pretty chaotic day of crowds and babies galore, the kids were ready to spread their wings and run amok.  Landon was tired from sports and school and took a short nap, but somehow Liam always manages to find an energy boost in the midst of, well, anything, even if he is beyond exhausted.  When I'm tired, like Landon, I crash.  But I guess toddlers don't get that concept, or at least Liam doesn't.  Liam needs space and only a select few to play with.  Too many people is overwhelming and sparks the "crazy toddler" antics (sometimes with certain people).  He's not a crowd kinda' kid.  It's funny looking back on the big differences between when he was an infant or a small toddler to now.  Night and day.  He was such a quiet, happy, smiley little guy that never gave us any problems, even when teething.  Boy, does time change things.  The only thing that hasn't changed is his awesome smile.  Okay, and maybe happy 80% of the time.  He was much happier being in his back yard with his brother.  I could see a big change in his mood, tired or not.  I've always joked around and said that he's probably sniffing out something suspicious in people.  Ya know, like a dog does.  Not sure how or why he picks and chooses his "victims".  Whatever it is, it's weird because it doesn't include everyone he's around.

Having said all of that, if everything goes according to plan, Liam gets his test results back this Tuesday!  Long overdue, loooooong overdue.  Fingers crossed.

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Liam will wear a sweat jacket and pants in 60 degree weather, but takes his shoes and socks off.  Crazy kid.

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