Sep 19, 2014

Another Tooth Gone

I've been curious to see how long it would take for the bigger teeth to come out.  There's really no set timeline since every child is different.  Landon came home from school two days ago and told me that his tooth was loose.  I even tried to wiggle it, but it seemed fairly sturdy.  He kept swearing to me that it was loose and it was going to come out soon.  Usually "soon" means the darn tooth is rocking like a boat in a heavy storm.  Well, come to find out he was right!  It came out at school yesterday while playing with it with his tongue.

Then I hear, "Mom, I don't think the Tooth Fairy is real.  Something seems fishy.  How come you never see him/her?"  Uh oh!  I ignored it hoping he would drop the subject and move on.  It worked!  His tooth is still sitting on the counter in a baggy because I can't think of a sneaky, creative way for the Tooth Fairy to give him money.  I may have to make a box and put it in the living room (kind of like Santa's cookies).  As they get older it's way more difficult to do these sorta' things.  You want to keep the magic alive for as long as possible.  I absolutely hate it when they start to doubt everything.

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