Aug 12, 2014

Turning Five

Time is zooming by so quickly.  There's a good side to Liam being delayed in certain areas, and being that five-year-old going on three-ish, he stays younger a little longer than usual.  Love, love, LOVE that!  I thought I was going to miss all the fun things about Liam in his toddler stage.  Nope!  He does what he is supposed to do, but just later than we would expect.  He is such a sweet, special boy.  He can drive a person batty within minutes with his crazy antics and energy, but he is a wonderful little being.  I look at him at times and, I made that.  He can amaze us, he can excite us, and even surprise us. 

I took these pictures with one thing in mind:  I just want to remember him for as long as God will allow.  Exactly how he is - skinned knees, goofy faces, grass-stained jeans, big, cheesy smile, squinty eyes, wild personality, blonde curly hair, big cheeks.  The list goes on.  He is my world...our world.  You are truly an inspiration for so many, baby boy.

Here's to another great year of getting to know you more and watching you grow, little dude.

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Big man, big muscles.

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