Aug 4, 2014

School Days Are Here

Wow, what a short summer we had.  We took a vacation and did a few other things and BOOM, we're back in session.  I thought I would have been prepared for the first day of school to sneak up on us.  I was in no way prepared.  Not even close.  Oh, the emotions.  The stress of being a parent and sending your babies off once again.  Landon started this past Thursday.  Liam started his third year of preschool today.  I am hoping this will be Liam's shining year since we have so much planned for him.  When Liam arrived this morning, the teachers let out a big "awwwww" as Liam approached the door.  "You look so smart", they said.  They loved his little glasses.  He did fairly well for the first day back, keeping his glasses on and all.  Landon has loved 5th grade ever since the first day.  It has been going pretty smoothly so far for both boys *knock on wood*, BUT the year is very, very young.

I took some pictures of the boys before their big day.  I had to work around the fickle weather we've been having AND work.  Everything went according to plan and couldn't be happier with the results.

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I LOVE this picture of Liam.  So serious.

I love this one, too.

Our big 5th grader and third year preschooler.

A comparison shot of Liam (1st year and 3rd year pre-k). I'm still trying to find Landon's Kindergarten shot. It's not easy going through 400-something photo CDs.  Maybe I'll post that next year when goes off to middle school.  Yes, middle school.  Eeeeek!  :)

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