Aug 11, 2014

My Dog Walkers

Now that the kids have gotten older and more self sufficient (or at least wanting to help out), the boys have been wanting to take the dog for a walk (or jog/run some days).  Peyton loves the attention and I'm sure the fresh air is a plus.  Who doesn't like to get out of the house to smell other dogs' pee?!  Sounds yummy, eh?  Liam always finds leaves or a stick to play with.  Or, every now and again he will latch on to a fire hydrant along the way.  He also loves stopping to smell the pretty flowers.  Landon is a different animal.  He's my get-the-job-done kinda' kid.  He has an agenda and he sticks to it.  We all have a good time hanging out, even if it is just taking the dog for a short walk.

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Landon checking in to see if everything is coming out okay.  Goofy.

Another goofy kid.

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