Aug 21, 2014

Call Of Duty

It's so fun to watch the kids pretend.  Aaron and I just sit back and snicker at them.  They whisper, they strategize, they creep and crawl everywhere, and so on.  I told Aaron that Landon might be good for the military with all of his sneaky tactics.  Their imaginations run wild and I love to be there to watch it all unfold. Even the girls got in on the action - guns and all.  The boys don't care.  They all get along very well and welcomed everyone to their pack.   They play a lot of games, but Call Of Duty was on the list this time.

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Liam even got in on the fun.

Aug 19, 2014

Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Boys, How I See You're Overjoyed

Once again I was watering the yard and, with their radar at full capacity, the boys came running outside with looks of delight on their faces.  "YAY, WATER!!", they shouted.  I can't keep them out of my sprinklers!  It's fun, I get it.  I can't remember how many times I rode my bike past an active sprinkler in my neighborhood when I was a kid.  It was A LOT.  Puddles?  Pretty much the same thing.  The things I get worked up over now I remember doing when I was their age.  Now I know why my mom would get mad if I would jump in a puddle on our way into a store.  "You're going to get dirty!", she said.  I am the same way with my two as we make our way into an establishment.  At home I couldn't care less, but when we're out play time is supposed to be over.  Sorry, Mom.  I now feel your pain when it comes to nasty, dirty water and clean clothes and shoes.  My boys show no mercy.  Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.  Obviously they didn't listen when I told them to go back inside.  There must be something in water that makes kids deaf.  Yep, I'm sure that's it.  Having said all of that, I love to see them smile and have fun because that's what makes being a kid so great.

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Aug 12, 2014

Singing (and such)

I realized that I haven't done too many videos of the boys.  Pictures can only tell a little bit of the story.  Video says it all.  So, without further ado, I present the boys performing, "If You're Happy and You Know It" (their own version).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Liam cleaning:

Liam talking about going swimming:

Landon (and Liam) several years ago:

Landon playing hampster several years ago:

Landon singing Bruno Mars:

Liam's Pre 5th Birthday Celebration

We decided against a birthday party this year because of some issues we've had, but it worked out great.  We saved money and Liam still had fun!!  Score!

It's obvious that Liam has a lot of energy.  Well, both of our boys do.  We tried to think of something that they could both enjoy that was fun yet age appropriate.  I heard of this place years ago, plus I saw an episode on "Undercover Boss" for the company Sky Zone.  I thought one day I will get a chance to go there.  More like an excuse than a chance.  I really liked the owner and I thought it was set up nice for families.  Well, here I was years later jotting it down in my mind as a place to visit for Liam's 5th birthday.  I thought it would be interesting to see how he would react to all the fun activities they had to offer.  He had fun.  Okay, maybe a little too much fun.  There was a time in the Foam Pit where he didn't want to get out of the pit.  That was funny and maybe a little embarrassing.  We had to fish him out toward the end.  Having an hour and a half worth of jumping and running, he was bound to get to the typical "Liam Stage", as I like to call it.  He was exhausted.  Landon was, too.  I could tell from there behavior/demeanor that they were about to crash.  Landon had fun hanging with the adults and teenagers while playing dodge ball.  Man, that alone made me want to purchase a ticket and socks for myself so I could get in on the action.  That looked like SO much fun!  Rough, but fun.

I asked Landon if he wanted to go back for his birthday in October.  He looked at me (I know that look) and he shook his head no.  I asked why, thinking it might be for another reason, and he said it was kind of boring - not a lot of stuff to do and the kids were getting rough.  I can see that.  And, I agreed with there's only so much to do.  Basically, you're just hopping from this station to that station and there weren't that many.  Aaron wasn't that impressed either.  At first it's great, but then boredom quickly sets in for everyone.  It was fun once, but I think that's all we needed.  Eh, we tried.  I guess I'm going to have to brainstorm for Landon's birthday outing.

First, we had Liam open his gifts and then gave him some time to play before we had to leave.

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I got the LeapPad 2 at a huge bargain.  Normally they are about $90.  I got half off online.  I couldn't believe it!  We were going to go with the Nabi, which was over $100, but for half off I couldn't pass it up!

Liam LOVES trains!

And, of course, the men of the house played around with the phone before heading out.  *sigh*  Boys.

Then off we went to Sky Zone!