Jul 9, 2014

Family Vacation #2: Visiting the Colliers

Aaron and I had been trying to get down south to visit his cousin, Jay, and his family for the longest time.  Last year we knew we wanted to take the kids to the beach for our first family vacation.  We thought about stopping by on the way down to South Carolina, but the more we thought about it, we just knew we wouldn't make good time.  Nobody just stops by while they are on vacation.  Just like we planned to leave their house early this past Saturday to go home so we could make good time, but that didn't work out either.  We ended up leaving in the evening because we were having too much fun, which was WAY later than we had planned.  So, the moral is you can't just pick up and leave or stop by for a few minutes.  It never works out that way.  People talk and get distracted (in a good way).

Last year we told Jay we would make plans some other time.  Well, as fate would have it, it was time.  It just worked out this year and I was stoked.  I sent Jay a message and made arrangements with him for our next vacation.  Aaron and I knew we wanted some family time for just us, so that is why we started off in Memphis and traveled another six hours, across the state, to visit with his family.  We had the best time!  We didn't leave the house except to go to the park for their 4th of July party.  It was relaxing.  Landon spent most of his time playing basketball with Zach and his dad and playing Wii.  Liam had fun exploring their home and playing outside.  Little Angel, their dog, and Liam became instant friends.  Angel followed Liam around everywhere.

Aaron and I loved chatting and catching up while the kids played together.  We made ourselves at home.  We roamed in our jammies, drank coffee, and read the newspaper on the deck early in the morning.  We were very comfortable, and that's what mattered the most.  We enjoyed their company.  We're already making plans to go back so we can all tube together and ride the 4-wheelers/gator on the trails.  This visit we were too busy prepping for the party.  I'm so glad we were there to help them out!  We can't wait to go back!

Preparing the fireworks.

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The more I looked at Zach, the more he reminded me of my nephew, Austin.  They act the same, too.  Creepy.

Kaylee loved little Liam.  They played a lot during our stay.

I was in the middle of snapping to make sure I caught the guys doing their wheelies and Jay slipped.  I about had a heart attack.  We all laughed afterward, but man, what a scare he gave us!

He was laughing here.  I'm so happy he was alright and his sense of humor was still in tact!

I hadn't been on a 4-wheeler in a loooong time.  It was nice to get back on and ride.

Liam was trying to sit next to Angel for a quick picture and she moved at the last second, causing Liam to fall over.  It was pretty funny.  She is such a sweet dog.  These are cell phone pictures.

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