Jul 8, 2014

Family Vacation #2: Tennessee

Here we are again, just in time before we start preparing for school to start back up on July 31st.  It's that time of the year where we shop for school supplies and clothes as well as load cafeteria accounts for the kids' meals and pay our school fees.  Before we got into all that mess we wanted to take a breather.  Aaron and I have decided we want to do something, nothing elaborate, with the kids every year before they are too old and leave the nest.  They are at a perfect age for vacationing, and since last year went fairly well, we knew that it would only get better from there.  Aaron and I have been talking about taking the kids to Disney World and Universal Studios sometime down the road - maybe two or three years.  Plus, Aaron is a huge Disney fan.  I think we have all the movies.  Universal is by far my favorite park. I can't wait to go back!  We even thought about doing a Disney cruise.  That will probably be our biggest trip that we take.  It's all super expensive!

I was a busy bee over the last month making reservations, doing research, and planning our tours.  I like to have some sort of idea what we are going to do before arriving.  I guess that's the planner in me coming out.  Not everything was planned, though.  I like being able to wing it from time to time, too.  Sometimes those are the best moments, and we had quite a few of those along the way.  Since there was so much we did during our stay, and traveling from place to place, I will have to split the posts like I did last year when we went to South Carolina. 

First up, our hotel.  It was so nice.  I made the reservations at this hotel for several reasons - great reviews, it's nice and clean, close to everything, and it had an indoor and outdoor pool (in case of bad weather).  We knew the kids would want to swim, especially being in the south.  The weather was beautiful!!

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These next pictures are from my phone.  The kids had a BLAST!!

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