Jun 26, 2014

Summer Pool Party

My sister typically gets my great niece and nephew for a few weeks during the summer.  I expect to get a phone call to get the kids together at some point during their stay.  We went to the park for a little bit, then lunch, then back to my house to play on the Mega Tidal Wave we bought for the boys.  As we were hanging out in the heat, ice cream sounded like a nice treat and so refreshing.  It didn't take us long to agree on it.  We packed up the kids and went to a local ice cream shop.  From there my sister and the kids headed home.  It was such a great day.  Exhausting, but great! 

The next day we went to our Aunt's house for a day of swimming.  The kids were so excited to get in the pool.  It was Liam's first year not having anyone in the pool to supervise.  Instead we supervised from the side.  I will admit, it was so nice that he is finding more confidence and independence.  Same goes for me.  That break is wonderful, especially when I don't feel like getting in (and staying in).  He shows no fear whatsoever.  Landon was a fish, too.  Liam was jumping off the side and going under the water like a champ.  He really loved being thrown high up in the air.  That kid is so fun!  As long as there is water involved, he'll do anything.

My cousin and her little sister came by to swim with us.  They played so well together.  All the big girls are very helpful with the kids.  It was awesome that everyone had a great time, and nobody got hurt!

My Aunt keeps this little ring just for Liam for when he comes over.  Even though he doesn't need it, he loves it.

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The boys kept losing their pants.  We all thought it was funny.

The lone fish.


Henny and her buddy.

These are all cell phone pictures.  I'm trying to get away from the big camera a little more.  The bonus with the phone camera is, which makes me feel better using it, it's 16mp.  The quality is great, not DSLR quality, but still great!  Can't beat that!

Landon and his "submarine".  (the tub on top of the tube)

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The park.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Gearing up to go swimming.

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