Jun 12, 2014

Mega Tidal Wave

Not too long ago Aaron mentioned getting something other than another plastic or inflatable pool for the boys.  We were going to find something small enough to fit on the patio yet something bigger than an actual baby pool.  Having one child who is obsessed with water it was the best thing for us to do to keep him occupied and happy during the summer months.  Aaron said he found something at the store that he thought would be perfect.  It was inexpensive (a major bonus) and it was easy and quick to take down (another major bonus).  Another bonus is that it was the perfect size - not too big or small.  We had two options we had given the boys - the plastic pool with a slide or the Mega Tidal Wave.  All of us weighed out the pros and cons and the boys chose this.  I can't blame them.  It looked like a ton of fun!

It was getting later in the day from all the running we did, but we couldn't deprive the kids of their new toy after spending so much time talking about it.  Dad was nice enough to put it together.  The sun was going down and getting cooler outside, but this didn't stop our little fish.

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In other news: School is out and baseball has ended for the Spring season. Landon received awards for his accomplishments during the school year.

Bye bye, Cincinnati Reds!

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