May 31, 2014

Parade Day

Toward the end of the season Jeff/GRC has a parade for all the baseball teams.  They throw candy and give their best politician wave to the crowd.  This year Liam was begging to ride in the truck with Landon and his teammates.  We didn't see a problem with it, and the boys really enjoyed having him. 

This year was a little different for us.  Landon's team had everything planned out with decorations and a nice big fancy truck to fit the team and coaches, but somehow that person backed out at the last minute.  We were left scrounging around trying to find a vehicle and some things to use to decorate the truck.  If you didn't have a truck, you weren't able to participate.  It was a mess.  Had I known I would have been more than happy to supply the decorations, but through text it looked as though it was all worked out.  After all, I am probably the biggest event planner of the group.  I was bummed that a person would leave a team hanging the way they did.  Not sure what happened, I didn't ask.  We found last-minute Cincinnati Reds plates and magnets.  We quickly realized that with the breeze the magnets weren't going to hold.  I decided to borrow some tape from one of the other teams and tape the plates on.  It was very last-minute, and a little tacky because we were losing time before the parade was to start, but what do you do.  I think I had a whopping five minutes to get the plates taped before Aaron and I had to find a parking spot.  I think I will be more in tune with what's going on next year so this doesn't happen again. 

After the parade came to an end Jeff/GRC holds an award ceremony for the best "float".  We didn't stick around long because Liam was getting antsy and it was a fabulous forty-something degrees outside.  Aaron and I thought the Pirates "floats" and the train were the best of the group for creativity alone.  Not sure if they won or not since we left.  They should have!

Breakfast of champions!

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Love the boat idea!

Looks like that guy got the short stick.  I'm sure he didn't mind the title Dirt Diva for that little bit of time.

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