May 30, 2014

Mother's Day

I have been absent for what seems like an eternity.  My blog doesn't get much love these days because of my full plate of returning phone calls, responding to comments on Facebook, answering e-mails, updating my schedule, preparing to sell stuff in a yard sale, school activities, editing photos, kids, home projects, and so much more!  I can't begin to tell you how busy we all have been.  Landon's baseball season is about to end.  His Academic Club competition was last night, which was pretty exciting.  We are so incredibly proud of his accomplishments.

Mother's Day was about the same this year.  We invited some of the mamas in the family to the house for a simple meal.  We had an Italian spread of lasagna, garlic bread, and salad.  My oldest sister, Denise, and I wanted to keep it simple so we could enjoy the day, too.   I had a great time hanging with all the gals.

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After it was all said and done, it was my turn with the boys.  My Mother's Day consisted of playing and being goofy with my boys after every one left. So fun!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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