May 31, 2014

Fire Pit

Aaron and I have been talking about getting a fire pit for a very long time, or at the very least making one.  We couldn't decide.  We knew that if we made one it would have to be stationary.  We couldn't decide what area of the yard to put it so we just left well enough alone and bought one.  It has been nice to move it around, but the extreme heat, even several inches off the ground, doesn't do much for your grass.  Thankfully the grass will grow back and there's no permanent damage.  The kids really enjoy it.  I think down deep they are little pyromaniacs.  But what boy wouldn't love a big fire.  "Mom, can we put more wood on top?"  "Let's make it bigger!"  When we purchased our new toy the weather was in the 50s and 60s for a couple days.  Man, did that fire feel amazing.  The kids disappeared and came back out with packages of hot dogs.  They had a knack for camping, that's for sure.  Aside from hot dogs and marshmallows, we made s'mores.  I used to make them all the time when I would camp with family, and it was always tradition to make them at church camp.  I miss those days. Being with my kids doing what I used to do was a great feeling.  We had an awesome time!  We can't wait to snuggle up in blankets and do the same thing in the Fall. 

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He took a bite of sour candy.  That face!

Landon caught his marshmallow on fire. 

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