May 15, 2014

A Slow Transition

There are many things we want to do to our home.  This was one of those things that we recently knocked off the to-do/to-get list.  I was so stoked to finally get this done.  It's nothing fancy or anything, just something we have been looking forward to doing for a very long time.

When we first moved in, the house was less than a year old.  It needed some light TLC, such as a new paint job to warm up the place and a yard that needed to be sodded and landscaped.  Not sure why they never did that when they moved in, but we had them put sod down in the front and seed the back as part of the deal.  Our back yard was 2-3 feet lower than it is now.  They had these ugly, rickety wooden steps that went down to the yard.  Again, not sure what they were thinking, but they were easy to get rid of when it was time.  Several years ago I paid someone to build the yard up closer to the back door.  Our yard was holding a little water in the very back so we wanted a way for the water to drain AND we didn't want to have to put a deck in right away to have access from the back door.  Well, as it turned out, after the yard was in place, we never got around to putting in a patio.  Eeek!  Something so simple got put off for almost as long as we've lived here.  I could kick myself in the pants for it, too!  With time and patience, we'll get there.

Dad working hard.  Mom and Liam not so much.  Ha!  I helped quite a bit, but Aaron was too tired to care about photographing me getting my hands dirty (trust me when I say that I'm not butthurt over it).  By the way, this was the hardest, most strenuous project to date.  Holy cow bells!!  It's a good thing we decided not to go bigger.  We also agreed on tiles instead of a solid concrete slab.  We thought it gave the patio a little more character - ya know, something different.  Plus, if we want to add on down the road (if we, it will be a heckuva lot easier to do than to build on to a solid slab patio...and cheaper.

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The finished product. Once we had everything in, we were eager to get a small table on the patio so we could have somewhere to sit while the kids played. I also planted some of my Hostas out back to give the back yard more of warm look and feel.  We still have a long way to go. I just hope I don't kill over from all the blood, sweat and tears of it all!

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