Apr 14, 2014

Thunder Over Louisville 2014

I was thrilled when Aaron and I came to an agreement to take the kids down to the river for Thunder this year.  Liam had never been, so it was even more exciting for us.  We were your typical parents when it came to thinking about people fighting, the crowd, the drinking, the loud planes, etc.  The kids did fine, and the party-goers behaved themselves well enough that we didn't run into any problems at all.  Best decision we made.  I bought Liam some noise reduction head phones because of his auditory sensory issues (noises and crowds can sometimes bother him).  He didn't wear them, but he did have us hold his ears.  I think there is a thing about putting something on his ears that he doesn't like.  He may tolerate it for a short time, depending on his mood.  We got through it and had a wonderful time.  The last several years we have just been waiting until the firework show starts and parking close enough that the kids can enjoy them.  One year we got pretty close, like on top of a bridge kinda' close.  That was fun.  Nothing like this, though.

We went down for the air show so the boys can enjoy the planes.  After we spent a few hours doing that and walking around, we went home to cook out and then headed back down.  It was such a good day I didn't want it to end.  But, one thing is for sure, those planes sure do make it windy down below.  I couldn't keep my hair out of my face for any length of time.  I thought it was hilarious!

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Yep, that windy!


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