Apr 26, 2014

The Lone Toddler

To start this off, Liam is not a play-by-myself kinda' kid.  Every now and then I will catch him in his room playing quietly with his train set, action figures, or pretending to "drive" his hot wheels all over his walls.  And then, every now and then, he will want me to follow him outside (with a camera in hand, of course) and sit while he plays "by himself".  He gets excited when I pack the camera.  He loves getting his picture taken, and I love that he does.  It makes my life so much easier as a momtog.  So, I snapped away until he had enough.

Liam has been into swinging on his belly lately.  He especially likes it when we twist the chain and let him spin.

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Liam is daring - no fear whatsoever.  I love how free-spirited and fearless he is, but I hope it doesn't land him in the hospital one day.  *knocking on wood*  I think we've had enough of those over the years.

The picture on the left reminded me of the book, "The Giving Tree".  

I was bummed when my camera focused on the flying seat strap instead of his face mid-swing, but I couldn't help post it because I adore his big, happy smile.  This kid loves to swing!

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