Apr 30, 2014

The Boys' Easter Shoot 2014

This was Liam's idea.  He's my ham of the bunch.  He even went as far as using his new Easter basket and a stuffed animal as a prop and asked his brother to join for a few.  Liam cracks me up sometimes.  I never know what's going to come next with him.  It's apparent that his little brain works overtime and he loves getting his picture taken.  He's pretty awesome at posing and taking direction most of the time, too!  Landon, however, is not amused at all by Liam's enthusiasm.  He just sighs and says things like, "Okaaaay", in his best annoyed voice.  I just put my camera on CH shot mode and pray I get something.  When it comes to more than one person in the frame, you can bet that one is looking (and smiling) and the other is off in La La Land.  At least in my house.

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Cheez-Its are a must when getting your picture taken.  I guess he worked up an appetite.

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