Apr 30, 2014

Easter Eve 2014: Coloring Eggs

Aaron and I were trying to think back if we have ever done this with the boys before.  I'm pretty sure this was the only time we had actually colored eggs for the Easter Bunny.  What makes me happy about this is I'm the type of parent who wants to do something for the first time with BOTH kids and not have to re-create a moment or take the same vacation twice just so the other child can experience the same thing.  Speaking of which, I'm so happy that we waited as long as we did to take our first family vacation with Liam.  So worth it!  Anyway, back to the eggs. 

The boys were so excited to color eggs.  Every five minutes I heard, "Can we color them now"?  Liam was a little curious as to what the fuss was about so he decided to step back and watch for a minute before diving in.  We put our aprons on and started putting all the colors together in their respective bowls and then figured out what we were going to draw, write, or which color we were going to do for each egg.  Landon drew his pictures (Angry Birds and Minecraft stuff) and Liam wrote his name (he's a simple man).  We also drew a cross (for obvious reasons) and other fun things until all the eggs were gone.  The boys had a blast!  And, somehow everyone came out of the coloring process as clean as a whistle.  That was impressive considering all three of them are super messy, clumsy fellas. 

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