Apr 30, 2014

A Child Of Many Challenges

Before our big event, Thunder Over Louisville, arrived we wanted to test out Liam's new ear phones to see if he would allow us to put something on his ears.  We got them to drown out the loud noises of the fireworks and planes.  It was a huge challenge getting them on at first.  I think it took about 20-30 minutes for him to calm down long enough for us to slip them on his head.  The only way this was going to happen is if we showed him that they wouldn't hurt him by wearing them ourselves and then bribing him by going outside.

We can't believe how different he turned out to be.  Liam was such a calm, smiley, super happy baby all time who never cried or gave us any kind of trouble, even during the teething stage.  He slept through the night and always woke up in a wonderful mood.  Now he's a wild, stubborn man with all kinds of issues he's going through.  Who would have guessed that our/his future would be so different!  He's still happy and fun to be around, though.  He is picking up phrases that we say like, "Liam, don't say that/do that" or "I'll be right back".  He will say the same to us, as he puts his hand up.  He is so funny.

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Here is the "I'll be right back" I mentioned. 

My bouquet of flowers the boys picked.

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