Mar 10, 2014

When A Toddler Performs

Liam likes to spend time in his room on occasion, but not really alone.  He wants you to sit and watch him play.  Sounds like a blast, huh?  I usually join in, one way or the other.  This time Liam begged me to get my camera, because apparently he had a show to put on and I didn't know it.  "The Magic Of Houdini"?  Or perhaps, "Liam the Flying Squirrel"?  He cracks us up.  Nowadays he wants to do everything.  Open and close doors, turn on the vacuum, carry things, adjust the volume on the TVs, move items around the house, put trash in the garbage, eeeeeeeverything.  He is so happy knowing that I am in the room with him.  He loves to show off and laugh and say things like "Liam funny" while he flashes you that huge gummy smile.  He is communicating much better now.  I love his little personality, too.  He will sometimes approach you and say, "How ya doin'"?  It makes us melt.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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