Feb 4, 2014

Four Inches and Hot Chocolate

Oh my!  I don't remember having this much snow...like ever...or at least since the boys have been in school.  But that doesn't say much because nowadays I can't remember five minutes ago.  With everything going on with me physically over the last month I was definitely hesitant to frolic in the snow.  It really defeats the purpose of trying to rest, especially with my wild guys.  I found myself standing there quietly and patiently while they played for a bit.  It took all of about 45 minutes before we headed back inside to warm our appendages and throw back some yummy hot chocolate. 

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Liam helping his brother dust off.

This is the part where the boys were asking me why the snow was clumping and sticking to their gloves.


And then, a little hot chocolate to warm the insides of our bodies.

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