Feb 21, 2014

A Drive Of Games

I heard the kids laughing outside and it struck my curiosity, so I walked out to the front of the house wondering what they were laughing at.  When I got to the driveway, they were breaking bricks apart on the concrete.  Personally, I didn't find this to be funny, but again, I'm not nine and ten years old.  I had Tobster and Landon pick up the mess and found them something else to do.  Even though the two older boys are fairly responsible, I was still afraid a brick was going through someone's window.  So, chalk it was.  I pulled out our gazillion containers of chalk from our garage.  Their next idea was to draw their favorite video game characters and titles on the driveway.  It was interesting to watch them draw Angry Birds and the Zelda logo, etc.  I must say, not too shabby in the art department.  I couldn't draw an Angry Bird to save my life.  Liam tried to draw a few things, too.  All the boys are so good together.  Toby is in love with Liam.  He gives Liam big bear hugs every time he sees him.  He is such a sweet, good-hearted kid.

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Landon explaining the schematic.  I suppose it's always good to be on the same page before a starting a project.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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