Jan 8, 2014

Time Out, Time Off

Around Christmas is when I decided that I wasn't going to be doing much with photography.  I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family without having to stress about twenty-something sessions scheduled in a weekend, and then having time to edit said sessions.  My kids were home on break from school and I found this to be a perfect time to chill with my boys.  Finally, a time out to breathe.  Finally, some time off to focus on the most important part of me and three of the many reasons I got into photography in the first place -- my handsome dudes. 

I loved not having to get up to an alarm every morning for their Christmas break.  It was quite peaceful.  Well, until some time had gone by and found the boys bickering back and forth.  "No, this is mine!"  "Stop it!"  "Don't touch me!", and the list goes on.  I was about to jump out of my skin from all the chaos that was quickly setting in.  All I could say in those moments was, "Okay, you both chill out and watch this or play that.", to try to keep the peace between the two somehow. 

Then, thanks to Mother Nature (she hates me by the way), we had frigid temps of 0 and 1 degrees with a wind chill of -25.  Not cool.  Sure, it's way colder in other parts of the country, but I'm going to bask in my whiny, sissy girl glory, because I can.  I was already at my wit's end with my crazy kids.  It was too cold to do anything outside and almost impossible to keep the house cozy warm, even with the thermostat and furnace going into overdrive with our higher-than-normal settings. 

Because of the fabulous low temps, the boys were off an extended two days from school.  I had officially lost my mind over it and contemplating adoption.  I was seconds from throwing myself at the front doors of Wellstone begging for a straight jacket, some good meds, and a warm room all to myself - something....anything!!  My head was spinning and all that came to mind was "Noooooo!! For the love of cheeseburgers and fries, nooooooo!!", when I received the school closing texts.  I think all parents were going batty at that point and I have the Facebook posts to prove it.  Pretty funny, actually. 

In all seriousness, I did have fun and it was nice to snuggle up to watch some old kiddie films we hadn't seen in awhile during those super cold days.  We played games, the boys wrestled, and did all the boy-ish things they normally do that I love.  So yes, there were some great moments too.

Oh, and yes, my kids will always be half-naked.  This is how we roll in the House of Z.  My kids HATE clothes.  I keep telling them that if they continue to strip down, I am going to ship them off to Australia to join one of the Aboriginal tribes.  Eh, they'd probably like it and wouldn't want to come back home.

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And sometimes there was this:

And this:

Playing copycat.

I don't think big bro has a fighting chance.

The man made parachute for all the stuffed friends in the house.

Waiting their turn.

My burritos.

Another day of fun and excitement in the Z house.


The boys are happy about seeing their friends at school again and mom has her sanity back.  :)

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