Jan 11, 2014

Scrub A Dub Dub

It's been a long time since the boys have taken a bath together.  Landon is at the age of independence and taking big boy showers.  It's quick and less messy.  When it was time to bathe, Landon asked me if he could take a bath with his brother again.  I was shocked that he asked, but I didn't see a problem with it.  I will say that the tub is getting smaller and smaller with Landon's long legs.  He had to scrunch up to make room for Liam (along with a gazillion bath toys).  It was fun to watch and something I realized that I missed doing, even if it meant that it flooded our bathroom from all the excitement.  I love that Landon was helping shampoo his brother's hair.  So cute!  Landon didn't stay in long because he's an in-and-out kinda' guy, and I didn't want to push it thinking we might lose out on the opportunity to get the boys together again.  It's okay if we don't, though.  He's a tween now and the little kids are cramping his style.

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