Jan 27, 2014

Lazy Snow Days

I didn't think the kids were ever going to get back to school.  The last two school days have been two-hour delays, which means that Liam didn't go because he's in morning preschool.  Recently I found myself in a doctor's office with medical issues.  I am beyond stressed out and my body finally won the battle.  There's more to it than just stress, so it's time to take it easy and get in to see a specialist before my body just simply gives out.  It hasn't been easy to try to find time to rest with the boys at home.  In fact, I have felt like more of a servant than anything.  Do this, do that, open this, cook that, change me, get this or get that.  I have been going bonkers from all of the demands of motherhood and it's apparent that I need the break.  Then the snow days happened.  I just threw my hands up and gave up.

While the kiddos were home for what seemed like an eternity, they played and played and played.  I found them pulling out random things from all corners of the house.  It's funny what they'll find when "trapped" inside for any length of time.  The phone apps, watching Minecraft on YouTube, playing Mario Kart, and watching Sprout are favorite things to do in our house. 

Now that things have died down, weather wise, I think I'll get the relaxation that I've been yearning for.  My doctor would be very upset with me if she knew all the things I've been doing.  But life goes on whether in good health or bad health.  I have to see another doctor soon, so hopefully she can help me get back in the game.  Team Mom is pretty strong.  I'm sure everything will work itself out.

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