Jan 9, 2014

Favorite Things

"How much stuff can you stuff in a Stuffie till your Stuffie's stuffed enough stuff?"  This jingle haunts me and one of the reasons I am getting very tired of Sprout.  I sing this in my sleep because I can't get it out of my head.  Wouldn't you know that my mom called to ask me if Liam would like a Stuffie for Christmas.  I cringed.  While we were all on the phone with her, we went to the site where all the Stuffies were pictured.  Liam had it narrowed down to the red dragon, the monkey, the hippo, and the iguana.  The monkey would have been perfect for him since he climbs so much, and been given that nickname over time, but finally he chose Igby the Iguana.  He's very bright and colorful, which I love (the colors are fantastic).  He's super soft, which makes for a great nap time/bed time pal.  They've been best friends and hooked to the hip ever since.  He is pretty crazy about his little metal school bus that he picked out at the store, too.  Thanks, Santa, for remembering Liam's school bus obsession and the little meltdown at the store when I wouldn't buy him the silly thing!  ;)
Same goes for Landon and his Mario buddy.  At this stage, Landon is still pretty attached to a plush Mario doll that he got for Christmas and his Diego blanket that he's had for years.  It's funny how kids can get so attached to things - sometimes the goofiest or smallest things.  I should have named him Linus instead.  His "binky" goes everywhere!  The kids definitely had a nice, exciting Christmas.  Toys beyond toys have piled up waiting to be played with.  We're slowly but surely getting there.

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Landon and Liam can make some big messes in less than five minutes.  It's insane.  So Landon did the dishes while I folded laundry (and took pictures, of course).  This would be everyone's LEAST favorite thing to do.  But guess who gets stuck with it and guess who gets a break?  Yep!

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