Jan 27, 2014

Lazy Snow Days

I didn't think the kids were ever going to get back to school.  The last two school days have been two-hour delays, which means that Liam didn't go because he's in morning preschool.  Recently I found myself in a doctor's office with medical issues.  I am beyond stressed out and my body finally won the battle.  There's more to it than just stress, so it's time to take it easy and get in to see a specialist before my body just simply gives out.  It hasn't been easy to try to find time to rest with the boys at home.  In fact, I have felt like more of a servant than anything.  Do this, do that, open this, cook that, change me, get this or get that.  I have been going bonkers from all of the demands of motherhood and it's apparent that I need the break.  Then the snow days happened.  I just threw my hands up and gave up.

While the kiddos were home for what seemed like an eternity, they played and played and played.  I found them pulling out random things from all corners of the house.  It's funny what they'll find when "trapped" inside for any length of time.  The phone apps, watching Minecraft on YouTube, playing Mario Kart, and watching Sprout are favorite things to do in our house. 

Now that things have died down, weather wise, I think I'll get the relaxation that I've been yearning for.  My doctor would be very upset with me if she knew all the things I've been doing.  But life goes on whether in good health or bad health.  I have to see another doctor soon, so hopefully she can help me get back in the game.  Team Mom is pretty strong.  I'm sure everything will work itself out.

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Jan 25, 2014

Boy Bonding, Girl Gone Mad

It's fun to watch the boys rough house and get wild.  It's also nice to watch their sensitive sides emerge by snuggling, singing to each other, dancing, and giving kisses and hugs.  Maybe that's just the mom/girl in me that loves the subtlety and sweetness.  This was one of our extremely cold days.  You can tell the kids had cabin fever -- we all did.  The moment these guys wake up they are attacking, jumping, climbing, spinning, and wrestling.  Ahhh, the joys of being the only one with a va jay jay in the house.  When I wake up?  I want complete silence and coffee or just time to wake up in peace without having to say a word to anyone, or anyone to me.  I like to collect my thoughts.  I guess we'll just chalk it up to "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus".  Even though I may be out numbered in the house, these guys still have no chance of surviving "Venus".  I'm one mean planet.  Dad was exhausted and didn't have the energy to keep up with all the crazy circus acts, but he did manage to get in some snuggle/play time with Igby and play with Liam in the living room for a little bit.  Awwww, he's such a good papa.

I wish I could bottle up the kids' energy.  Can I put that on my wish list?

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The Calm Before the Storm

I don't know how I have survived almost 37 years in this part of the US.  Really, I don't.  Aaron and I are beyond ready to pack up everything and head to a warmer location.  It sounds good, no doubt.  Little or no sickness or drastic changes in weather at a moment's notice.  I can dream, right?

This day was in the high 50's -- a real heat wave for this time of year.  Wouldn't you know that the next few days were in the single digits with a wind chill of around -20 along with a few inches of snow and ice?  It almost didn't seem fair for Mother Nature to tease us with such nice weather only to be smacked in the face the very next day.  Poor kids.  They never knew what hit 'em.  One good thing about severe weather here is they call off school.  The kids were definitely happy to be home, but I think they were missing school a little bit too.  I know I was.  Okay, maybe just a little bit.  Regardless how us parents feel about having the kids home so much for winter snow and ice storms, it's all about the safety of our kiddos.

You could tell it was nice outside.  Neighborhood kids were showing their sweet faces around every corner.  When it's super cold outside, everyone hibernates.  No one leaves the house, plays, walks, jogs, and so on.  It made me sad when Toby said, "I haven't been over to play in awhile."  That's right kid, winter stinks.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The older kids included Liam by pushing him back and forth up and down the driveway. Liam LOVED it!

Landon pretended the basketball goal was a girl and danced with it.  I caught him in action, but the basketball goal came back and smacked him in the head.  We all had a good laugh.

Having a "talk".

Landon is so sweet with his brother, when they're not fighting like cats and dogs.

Not the greatest photo of all the boys, but I liked it.


The story behind the pose is Liam was blocking the sidewalk so the big boys couldn't ride their bikes.  He wanted them to stay and play.

The big boys won the battle and Liam's attitude was "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em".  Cute.

There's always a little time for lovin'.