Dec 27, 2013

Puzzles, Counting and Numbers

Liam loves puzzles.  He plays enough of them on my phone that he is pretty quick at putting them together.  We worked on his counting, which is a hit and miss, and matching the numbers with the pictures.  He loved it until he fell tired and we had to stop.  Sometimes it's just overload if I small child loses interest.  We do a little at a time. 

Nowadays, Liam wants me to take pictures of everything he does.  The other day when he was using the potty, he said, "Mommy, take a picture?"  I think I am ruining my kids, or at the very least not explaining the difference between appropriate and inappropriate very well.  I guess four-year-olds simply don't care.  But I think I'll pass on the pee pee shots.  Thanks, but no thanks, Liam.  He also finds it to be soothing to sit on my lap while I am using the restroom.  He wants to "talk" about everything as I'm doing my business, and sometimes he wants to be rocked.  One day I will get the privacy I desperately day.

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