Dec 12, 2013

Lego Train: The Little Engineer That Could

It's no surprise that Liam is progressing.  By progressing I mean he is now showing more and more interest in specific things, like trains, or favorite movies, or TV shows, etc.  Just the other day I heard him attempt to sing along to a familiar song or recite a line from a movie.  This is what I would have expected from him but a little sooner than now.  It's nice to finally see.  Trains are huge in our home, thanks to the movie "The Polar Express".  I think that movie falls into the "obsession" category rather than an "interest", but it makes me happy that Liam actually likes and gets excited about something.  Since both boys love trains, I think Aaron and I are going to surprise them with something special next year.  I can't WAIT to see the look on their faces.  Heck, I'm excited.  For now, we will keep it under the rug until it's in stone. 

I love to watch Liam play.  I can't express how or why, I just do.  He is so sweet, soft and calm when it comes to playing with his toys.  His little hands hard at work tug at my heart strings.  So much thought goes into everything he builds, and he has a certain way of doing things that only he can understand.  I love this little guy to pieces.

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