Dec 11, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Snow is a hit and miss in our neck of the woods.  We may get a light dusting one day and then it melts within a couple of hours, we may get several inches that will stick for a day or two, or we won't get anything at all.  I'll be shocked if we get a white Christmas.  Sometimes it's difficult to buy the boys snow gear because of the fickle winters we have.  Lucky for us, we had plenty to keep the boys warm for their outdoor, snowy fun.  I loved that the boys had their first snowball fight and made snow angels together, but I think they were more interested in the icicles hanging from their play house. 

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 A snow day just isn't complete without a snow covered dog.  Peyton loves the snow.  He chases it, buries his nose in it, licks it, and tries to eat it.  It is very entertaining to watch.  Because his coat is black, he really pops in the snow, too!

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