Dec 27, 2013

Gift Exchange

Due to an unforeseen circumstance some plans had to be switched around on Aaron's side for Christmas this year.  I sent my SIL a text asking her if we could get the boys together before Christmas for their gift exchange.  This time of the year is always a little crazy for us, thanks to my husband and his last-minute shopping adventures and having two families to coordinate with, on top of hosting Christmas.  We hung out for a bit after the boys opened their gifts and then bravely headed out into the world of chaos.

Landon and Liam were eager to get their hands on their new gifts.  As soon as we walked in the door it was, "Daddy, open this." or "Mom, will you build with me?"  Pure excitement.  The next day was better.  Our day was a little more relaxed, which meant even more focus time on the new toys.  I caught Liam spinning like a mad man and Landon re-building The Nether four or five times, even using his imagination and building something completely off the wall.  This really got me excited about Christmas.  If they are this excited about two gifts, I can only imagine what Christmas morning was going to be like.  They were so happy with what they got, as I knew they would be.

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This is post gift exchange.  The boys really enjoyed their gifts, can you tell?

When I told Liam he had to get off of his Sit 'n Spin, this is the look I got.  I could be wrong, but I don't think he liked that idea too much.

I told him to take a break for this reason alone - getting dizzy and queasy.  He was about as green as his shirt.

But, he bounced back fairly quickly.

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