Dec 18, 2013

Fort Farticus and the iPhone

Yes, you read that right.  Fort Farticus is the name my kids came up with in the process of building a fort.  These boys crack me up.  The things they come up with sometimes keeps me entertained.  Landon kept bugging me to help them build a big fort, but with the limited amount of furniture I had to work with I'd say I had a huge challenge ahead of me.  I looked around and told Landon that I used to use doors, furniture, tape, or anything else that I could get my hands on.  First, we gathered up the blankets needed and then I remembered that I had backdrop clips I could use to clip on to other blankets and the bunk bed.  Suddenly I felt Landon looking at me like I was his hero, or a genius.  "Oh yeah, I forgot about those things.  Good thinking, mom!", he said to me.  Our brainstorming was officially in progress and magic happened, at least in my ten-year-old's eyes.  "This is so cool!  You're a fort-building master, mom!"  I thought I was going to cry.  I didn't think the fort was very genius like or even extraordinary, but Landon and Liam sure loved it. 

For those viewing this post (if anyone), you will have to excuse Liam's doughnut covered mouth and the color casts (thanks to the wonderful combination of a speed light and different colored hanging blankets).  As much as I edit for other people, sometimes it's just not worth doing for my personal photographs.  I'll just call it laziness for now. 

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On another day, the boys had fun playing a game together on my phone.  They played quietly for the longest time.  Gotta' love those moments!  Again, please excuse the doughnut lips.

I couldn't resist these remarkable little feet.  Truth is Liam wanted a picture of them.  Silly kid.

Watching the rain outside.

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