Dec 28, 2013

Babe in Toyland

Good grief!  I've never seen so many toys in my life.  There are stacks upon stacks of boxes, bags, and Lord knows what else in their bedroom.  Aaron and I are definitely going to have to find a way to organize and store these goodies.  Don't get me wrong, the kids couldn't be happier with their gifts and I am overjoyed to see how excited they are.  They had a terrific Christmas!

Landon and Liam have been enjoying their Christmas break from school.  That was always a fun time for me when I was a kid, too.  I looked forward to it every year.  It gives me some time to play games and build various things with them.  However, the messes that school breaks bring is for the birds.  That's my least favorite part about them being home for a long period of time.  I try to keep Landon busy by helping me around the house so I'm not overloaded with house duties, which is super nice.  Not sure if he's a big fan, though.  :)

This is a mixture of Christmas morning and post Christmas.  So far, Landon's favorite toy is his plush Mario doll and Liam's is a little metal school bus.  I'm sure this will go back and forth since every toy has the potential of "getting old" after some time passes.  As of now, they both sleep with their favorite toys every night.  The train and giant bowling set seem to be a big hit as well.

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