Nov 13, 2013

Liam Daire: The Little Exploring Ham

After Landon's recent tween birthday photo shoot, I knew I had to include Liam so he didn't feel left out.  But it was more for me than for him, to be honest.  I want to do something like this every year for both of them.  Sometimes staying at home and shooting in the backyard or around the house isn't quite doing it for anyone involved.  They are both old enough now that it makes it easier to get them out, and they love the change in scenery. Of course, crispy leaves help a ton. 

I am noticing that Liam's hair is either catching some serious rays or turning a orange-ish, golden blonde as he ages.  It looks a little red-ish in these photos, but I guess it has always had some sort of golden tint to it.  Apparently I never really noticed the pop of color in his hair until these pictures showed up on my computer.  I think that Irish gene is really starting to show.  He wears it well and I love it!

These are just a handful (or two) of my silly monkey.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

One of my favorites and a pose he did ALL on his own!  ::swoon::

 Mommy had fun watching you explore, pumpkin.  Thanks for the great memories!

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