Nov 13, 2013

Liam Daire: The Little Exploring Ham

After Landon's recent tween birthday photo shoot, I knew I had to include Liam so he didn't feel left out.  But it was more for me than for him, to be honest.  I want to do something like this every year for both of them.  Sometimes staying at home and shooting in the backyard or around the house isn't quite doing it for anyone involved.  They are both old enough now that it makes it easier to get them out, and they love the change in scenery. Of course, crispy leaves help a ton. 

I am noticing that Liam's hair is either catching some serious rays or turning a orange-ish, golden blonde as he ages.  It looks a little red-ish in these photos, but I guess it has always had some sort of golden tint to it.  Apparently I never really noticed the pop of color in his hair until these pictures showed up on my computer.  I think that Irish gene is really starting to show.  He wears it well and I love it!

These are just a handful (or two) of my silly monkey.

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One of my favorites and a pose he did ALL on his own!  ::swoon::

 Mommy had fun watching you explore, pumpkin.  Thanks for the great memories!

Nov 6, 2013

Halloween Festivities: Let the Chaos Begin

Wow, what a crazy Halloween we had this year.  I found my head spinning at different times because of a change in trick-or-treating schedules due to the bad weather and other things going on during that time.  My friend, Kim, and I have taken our kids trick-or-treating to a certain location for the last several years, and even invited some friends and family to go with us because it's so much fun.  It's not just "our" thing and the boys really enjoy the company.  The boys absolutely love this place!  My friend's boys had been talking about it all year long.  When the changes occurred, that really put a kink in things for a lot of people.  Some of my friends' husbands were out of town and made plans to come in on Halloween to trick-or-treat with their kids.  But come to find out, they couldn't because the date had been moved.  It was a mess. The good news?  A. The weather turned out to be great, which meant no heavy coats needed.  B. We had a couple bowls of chili later that night.  C. Liam had the time of his life.  I guess this was the first year he really got into trick-or-treating.  The only downfall is Liam was probably more into checking out homes than getting candy and leaving.  Ha!

Kim had Halloween off this year.  The place we go to had changed theirs to Friday, so she found herself scurrying around to find someone to cover her shift at work.  It all worked out in the end.  Since Thursday was supposed to be nasty outside, we found a place for trick-or-treating inside.  Let me just say that I will never do that again.  It was complete chaos.  I think everyone had the same idea we did.  I heard Louisville was worse.  Still fun, though, and the boys didn't mind it.  Well, until Liam fell into sensory overload from the huge crowd.  Oh, joy.  The "Big Bad Wolf" from Little Red Riding Hood kept him occupied long enough to keep him happy and distracted.  They became instant friends. 

On a side note:  Everyone loved Liam's little Mr. Postman costume.  Quite a few people thought I made it since it was so unique.  Ha ha!  Yeah, okay.  Liam also won brownie points (or should I say...extra handfuls of candy) with some because they either used to be a mailman or they are currently working as one.  Bonus!  Great night, for sure!

We attended Landon's school's Fall Block Party (or "Fall Festival" for some, depending on who you talk to).  The kids had a blast going from one game station to the next, and even back for rounds two and three.  Landon and Liam won a bunch of prizes.  I found Landon swapping out prizes later at the cafeteria table.  Boys will never be satisfied, I guess. 

Then, we had a couple of visitors stop by for Landon's 10th birthday.  We didn't do much this was Heaven, by the way.  Very low-key.  We bought him his bike that he wanted earlier this year so he could have time to enjoy riding it.  Before his birthday I took him shopping for a game that he wanted.  I'd say he had a pretty great birthday.

What a fun-filled, crazy week we had!  I'm still exhausted.  *yawn*

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Notice the cell phone lady?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure Liam blew up everyone's Facebook pages.  ;)

Liam has this thing he does now.  He will approach me, let out a big sigh (or two) and tell me he's tired.  He was definitely tuckering out.  Poor kid.  Now worries, he bounced back.

This is how ten-year-old birthday boys roll.

Nice photo bomb.