Oct 30, 2013

Welcome To The Tween Years, My Son

Last year was the end of the birthday parties for Landon.  There's something about a child going from a single digit to double digits that changed for me.  The transition doesn't affect Landon at all, but for me it's different.  Having a child that is a decade old makes me feel ancient.  He's not exactly little anymore, but he's not yet a teen.  Just thinking about puberty coming soon (oh, joy) and creeping up on the teen years, is terrifying.  But, he seems to be adjusting way better than I am.  My itty bitty baby boy, my first-born, is gone in the physical sense, but he will always be my baby.  Always.  They say that the teen years are hell.  I know I was a difficult teen.  Aaron said he was a raging mess, with all of his glorious testosterone and outrageous temper growing up.  When he told me this, I knew I was in trouble.  And then let's not forget how we think we have this insane amount of confidence that we know it all and we rule the world as teens.  I sure hope that Landon slides smoothly into the transition and then back out again. I also can only hope that we've done our jobs as parents and he makes the right decisions in life.  What scares me the most being a parent is not the choices we've made together in raising him, it's the outside influences who make the biggest impact that make me cringe.  Even being in the tween stage, I can see little glimpses into our future.  He shows us attitude from time to time and says things like, "this is lame".  My first thought is, great, and so it begins.

Landon is a wonderful kid.  He's so incredibly smart and wise beyond his years.  The other day I looked at him in the kitchen and thought, wow, how did this happen so fast?  He's inching closer to my height (and able to wear my shoes), and the way he talks to us is surprisingly mature.  We forget how young he still is.  He's definitely a tween, but quickly moving into the teen lane and it's sad.  One of the many positives of having an older child is he is helpful and useful.  He will do the dishes, fold the laundry, clean (if asked or told), watch his brother for a moment if needed, and so on.  Now, some have stated how lucky we are in the "built-in babysitter" department.  Let me assure you that boys are a ton different than girls when it comes to babysitting.  Girls, by nature, are nurturers (hence the mommy/baby pretend play growing up).  Boys?  Nope.  This nurturing business does not come naturally to them...at all.  They are more rowdy and preoccupied with video games and things of that nature.  They scoff and roll their eyes at baby dolls.  So, we'll probably have to continue to find sitters for both of them until there is a little more confidence on our end in place.  Who knows, we/he may be the exception!  Boys.  *sigh*

I dressed Landon up in his normal every day kind of attire, only a little better.  Though he is getting older, he still has to be bribed in order to get the smiles or cooperation I need from him.  Looking at these pictures I was shocked that they turned out so well.  It made me think about his senior pictures (did I just type that?).  It was very similar to what I would have done with a male senior on a shoot.  To be honest, it was hard not to think about his senior pictures while doing this.  He's a handsome fella, that's for sure.  The girls are crazy about him at school.  We will walk down the hallway and sure enough there's a little flock of girls batting their eyes saying, "Hiiiiii, Landon."  He's a stud.  I think when he was in kindergarten he had about seven girlfriends.  Doesn't take him long to connect with other kids, especially girls.  This scares me to death.  He's very likeable and a class clown.  His teachers adore him (past and present).  When they see him in the hallway, they are giving him the biggest bear hugs.  As parents you sometimes get nervous that your child will be the most hated/annoying student in class.  Knowing it's the opposite and watching them interact puts my worried parent mind at ease.

Happy 10th Birthday to a terrific kid!  You are an amazing person inside and out.  We are so incredibly proud of you, and look forward to watching you grow and succeed even more!

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We hope you have an amazing "decade old" day, big boy.

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  1. Aw, man, now I'm all weepy. What a sweet post, Andie! Can't believe he's 10 already. Can I order a print one of these?


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