Oct 26, 2013

Halloween Photo Shoot 2013: The Mailman and The Recon Commando

Since it's been a little cool here, and I'm trying very hard to keep my boys in good health for as long as possible, I thought it might be best to try something inside this year.  The boys love it when I break out my goodies.  Not sure what it is about a background stand and some backdrops, but it really gets them excited.  I just wonder how long this excitement will last.  At any rate, the kids had fun posing, playing together, and making silly faces.

Liam is going as a Mailman this year.  I've always made the comment that we thought it was cool that Liam's name is "mail" spelled backwards - our little special delivery and a gift from God.  He looks so flippin' cute.  But I think Liam could put on a garbage bag and still rock it.  Landon decided to go as something "tough" and "cool" as he likes to call it.  His costume is a Recon Commando.  I'm really digging the realistic looking helmet and goggles.  Landon is at the age where he likes to pick his costumes, which in all honesty, makes me happy.  Less stress and decision-making for me.  Liam is still not into anything in particular so I get to "play" in that department while he's still small.

One thing I have a problem with when choosing costumes is the weather and how cold it could be.  Sure, you can layer to make your kids warm, but this part always stinks.  I think one year Landon mentioned wanting to go as Diego (many moons ago when he went through a Diego obsession stage).  If you look at the costume it's short-sleeved with shorts.  Yikes!  That one in particular would be ridiculous to layer because it would take away from the costume itself.  Also, jackets/coats seem to do this as well.  I've tried to purchase costumes that are warmer (or can be layered), but sometimes the price doesn't agree with me.  I refuse to spend $40-$60 on a costume that they will only wear once or twice, only to turn around and damage it or outgrow it.  I find that to be a real waste of money.  Halloween is fun, but it can be a real pain, too! 

You will have to excuse my kids' messy just-rolled-out-of-bed hairdos.  They, literally, just rolled out of bed before these were taken. Not too bad for just waking up, if I do say so myself.

Here are my munchkins hammin' it up for the camera.

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Liam decided he didn't want to wear his costume anymore.  It was probably a good thing because I was afraid he might get it dirty or extremely wrinkled.  You know how it goes.  I also think that Liam was confused about what he wanted to be for Halloween.  Mailman or Exhibitionist?  He is his father's son. *sigh*

Talk about a ham bone!  My my, looks like I am in deep with this one.  In reality, he was showing off his big boy pants that he has attempted to wear for the 15,789,347th time.  We'll pretend it's a new idea, mmmkay?

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