Oct 8, 2013

Babe In Fortland

Forts have been a big thing with kids for as long as I can remember.  I'm a girl and I loved making them.  I would find as many blankets as I could, and if I found mops or brooms to prop it all up that was a bonus.  I think my mom got sick of the mess so she ended up buying me some cool tent to wrap around my mattress and then bought a dollhouse headboard to keep me occupied.  I can't really say that it fulfilled my fort-making desires, but it kept the messes down by about 40%.  She was happier and so was I.

We bought the boys a bunk bed, mainly because Landon wanted to share a room with his brother.  But we also wanted the extra room (Liam's old room) for other things.  I do miss having my feet tickled by Liam in the morning, though.  ;)  So far the boys are having fun sharing a space.  They play well together.  Now they are making their bunk bed into a huge fort, which is nice to see.  Liam can be a stinker and pull the blankets off, but he's pretty good about putting it all back together, with the help of his big brother.  And what boy doesn't like to climb?  I think this is their favorite part.  There's something thrilling about being high off the ground.  I used to be nervous about Liam climbing and being that high, but he's a natural-born monkey.  He can handle it. I think my favorite is when Liam wants to do everything Landon does.  If Landon has his picture taken doing something, Liam has to have one too.  Very cute.  I try to keep it as fair as possible.

I also love the boys' bed head.  These pictures were taken after they woke up.  They don't waste any time, do they?  Their feet hit the ground after a good night's rest and they are off and running.

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Landon pretending to be a turtle.

A turtle on its back.  Crazy kid.

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