Sep 21, 2013

What a Mess!

This mess started with Liam playing by himself in his bedroom.  If you're my toddler, you are blessed with child locks on pretty much everything.  Somehow my smart little man figured out how to open the child lock on the double closet doors in the boys' room.  The next thing I know is I am walking in the room with my jaw down to the floor.  My first thought was how one child can make such a mess in a short amount of time.  Okay, okay, stupid thought.  Destructo Boy was at it again.  He can wiggle in and out of things like no other.  He wasn't given the name Houdini for nothing, I can assure you.  One minute he's standing next to my leg, the next he's climbing the side of the house.  The boy is pretty amazing, I'll give him that.  Since I knew Liam was not, I repeat, was NOT going to pick up the mess on his own I had Landon join in to help.  Most of the toys, garbage (little wrapping papers and wadded up art work), shoes, etc. were already out of the closet so we all teamed up to get in there to clean and organize it.  Project Crap Job was well on its way.  Worse. Job. Ever.  I'm sure their teen years will be glorious.  At first, Project Crap Job didn't appeal to the boys.  Really, fellas?  Was it when I said "Project", "Crap", or "Job" that I lost you?  I pretty much lost my appeal as soon as I saw the teeny tiny toy-covered carpet.  I felt like puking, and then I didn't, because I knew I would only add to the mess I was already dreading cleaning up.  As you can see, the boys hung out in their empty toy box for a bit.  Can you see how much abuse this room has gotten over the years AND how much I refuse to doctor it up?  Knicks, pencil and pen marks, scuff marks, you name it.  I even found a gooey substance in the bottom of the toy box.  How this was missed in the first 1,587 cleaning adventures, I'll never know.  I think that will be a job for Dad.  A quarter of this stuff mysteriously appears out of nowhere, such as pens, markers, pencils, etc.  Until I see some changes in these guys, this mama isn't touching a darn thing.

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This isn't a fraction of the toys I had to go through.

They are very lucky they are cute.  Just sayin'.

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