Sep 29, 2013

More Pictures, Please?

I have been taking a lot more pictures of Liam lately for a few reasons.  First, he's little and growing up way too fast.  Landon is growing like a weed too, but not like the little guy.  So many changes going on, mainly in personality.  Plus, I'm with him more.  Secondly, he has moved from the more subtle stage off toddlerhood to the funny, crazy, get-into-everything, loving, cuddly, total-test-mode, pretend-play, curious, imaginative stage.  The blossoming is fun to watch, but even more fun to capture on a digital camera.  Thirdly, he is my model.  Liam has had a camera in his face since birth, and as many pictures as  take of him, he is shining like no other.  He's been conditioned.  When the camera comes out, he will want me to take pictures of him and then he will want to stop to see what they look like.  He laughs and gets very excited to see himself on my three inch screen.  He will then go off and do something else and say, "picture", and pose and smile.  And, of course, the next thing out of his mouth is, "see? see? more? more?"  Boy, am I in trouble...maybe the world, too.  What makes it worse are Liam's beautiful golden blonde locks, dimples (all three), chubby cheeks, blue eyes, and gorgeous smile.  Yep, I'm definitely in trouble. *sigh*

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