Sep 28, 2013

Bob Hedge Park

We haven't been to this local park in quite awhile.  The weather was nice, and the boys were eager to go.  Perfect combination for an outing with the family.  The boys were off having fun and making new friends as usual, and then we noticed Landon just wasn't himself.  He seemed to be slowing down and sitting next to us more so than he would any other time.  We didn't think too much of it until we got in the car.  He told us his head hurt.  We went home and told him to crawl into bed and rest his head, thinking it was from all the excitement (and maybe the heat).  From that point we realized he had a fever.  Poor kid.  It amazed us how something like that can come on so quickly.  He appeared to have a good time, though.   It started to get dark anyway, so we did get to spend a good hour or so there.   Landon is feeling much better today.  It's probably a good thing because he has a baseball game.  Poor fella never gets a long enough break to take it easy.

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Liam's facial expression is priceless.

Not every day do you get the chance to sit on top of the world. ;)


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