Sep 26, 2013

Baseball, Round Two

I am thrilled that Landon has found something he likes to do.  He played baseball this past spring and talked about doing it again.  I didn't hold my breath because of how wishy washy he had been over the years about sports, but he surprised us both when he showed excitement about playing baseball again.  They didn't have fall ball this year through a local organization, so we waited for another one to open up.  This one is a lot different than your typical organization, where you order shirts, hats, and pants and practice through the week and play games here and there throughout the season.  This one is instructional and teaches the kids everything they need to know about baseball, and I mean everything.  It's very detailed, and I can see why only older kids are allowed in.  It's a lot to take in, even for a parent.  The practices are the games, which I love.  It's very hands-on, and I feel that the kids learn more from being more involved.  The league is complete with high school head and assistant baseball coaches, and even some pro players and coaches.  All the coaches instruct everyone during a game.  That's another big difference between this league and the other local organization I mentioned earlier - each team had a specific coach they work with.  Not with this one.  It's very team oriented.  If Landon likes it throughout the season, we will allow him to go back.  So far, I love it!

You'll have to excuse the not-so-great quality of the photos.  Having a toddler crawling all over you and working with equipment at dusk is quite a challenge.

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