Sep 26, 2013

A Walk With The Little

I remember quite some time ago I was going on these walks to find things to photograph that were on a Scavenger Hunt list, or included in some Fall Challenge.  I miss those days of packing the kids up to join me or getting out of bed early to venture out on my own.  Doing this with Liam brought back those fun memories.  Liam found a couple leaves and some pine cones around our neighborhood.  I don't think he has ever seen a pine cone before.  Once he spotted them he held on to them for the remainder of the walk and took them home to keep.  I think he liked they way they felt in his hands, sap and all.  Landon came home and said he wanted to take a bag with us next time to collect them to put on our Christmas tree this year.  Good idea, buddy. 

By the way, Liam is really into picture-taking now.   If he sees the camera go up in front of my face, he will stop what he is doing and pose.  Along our walk he stopped and stood against a pole and said, "picture", as he graced me with a cute smirk.  If I am trying to find a good angle but don't get the chance to snap a quick picture (he thinks that I did), he is all over me wanting to see it on the screen.  "See, see?"  He's a mess.  Landon was never like this because he was lucky enough not to have a camera in his face ALL the time like poor Liam.  Landon's my photo bomber and Liam's my model.  We'll see how long it lasts.

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