Aug 2, 2013

Washing the Dog

I think this was probably one of the least favorite things to do in our house for the longest time because of the dog hair, the squirming, etc., but I think it started with the bathtub.  This totally scarred us.  Peyton, a 70 lb. dog, jumping out of a bathtub onto a wet floor in a confined area was quite a challenge and something we decided against since that day.  The kids love washing their puppy dog outside with their Dad.  Now it's a fun experience for the whole family!  Well, minus me.  I just take the pictures.  Tough life, huh?  The kids played around in the water for a little bit, too.  Bonus.

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I love this look Liam gives when he doesn't agree with something.  In this case, it was about going back inside.

Liam helping us water our trees.

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