Aug 13, 2013

The Three B's: Boys, Brothers, and Buddies

Having boys keeps things interesting and fun, no doubt.  Having boys can be disgusting and wild at times, too.  With boys come messes and stench like you wouldn't believe, but in all honesty, I wouldn't change anything about it.  They're easy and very low maintenance.  Hey, I'll take it.

I remember a while back writing about how well the brothers get along and hope they continue to get along so well.  Pfft, yeah okay.  I guess you could say I was dreaming.  They are at a point now where they are getting on each other's nerves.  It's mainly Liam bugging Landon to death.  Poor Landon, he never seems to get a break.  I guess that's what I get for having a tween and a toddler.

Aside from the negative side of things, they are close.  They're buddies.  I do find them spending quality time together, whether it would be reading stories, snuggling on the couch, coloring, or playing in the yard.  They connect somehow.  The age difference doesn't matter in those little moments.  But, Landon's a good kid.  He's always been good with younger kids, so he's been prepped to be the best big brother we could ask for.  I love these kids.  They make each day worth waking up for, that's for sure.

Noogies are a must.

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This is what we like to call Liam's "special" pose (right).  Ha ha!  I crack up every time he pulls these looks out of nowhere.

Playing copycat.

Playing follow the leader.

This kid climbs on everything.

This kid puts his butt in front of the camera any chance he gets.

Going Grandpa style.  My kid is crazy.


And, doing what boys do best...pick their noses.

Bubby's swings are always the best.

Piggy-backing is fun, too.

Regardless how much one can bug the other, their love is clearly undeniable.

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