Aug 21, 2013


Lately the boys have been getting into laptops and cell phones.  Liam won't leave me alone about playing various apps on my phone that he enjoys.  For the longest time we found that the apps helped him learn things that were necessary for his age (colors, shapes, sounds, animals, etc.), and it made learning fun.  Now, it's all about playing on the silly thing.  But, I've learned to use my phone as a bribery tool for when Liam needs to clean his room or take a nap.  So far it's working like a charm.  And, the bonus is that he sometimes forgets about the negotiating and moves on to something else.  The room still gets cleaned, and he still takes a nap.  Score!  

Landon received a Chromebook through his school system.  They do homework, keep in touch with their teachers and peers, and have age appropriate educational games they play for assignments.  Where were these so-called assignments when I was in school?!   Hello!  Liam has really enjoyed watching his brother play these school related games on his laptop and has become quite attached to it as well.  It's amazing how different growing up has been between me and my kids.  I'm sure Liam will have access to even more as he ages.  Grade schoolers supplied with laptops and iPads?  Crazy.  I'm still baffled.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And, of course, he'll just take a break from "techie" to just be cute.

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